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Girlfriend's Guide to Breast Cancer

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A Podcast on Tina's Breast Cancer Journey, a "Girlfriend's Guide" to Breast Cancer.

Tina's story must be told.  She has lived the breast cancer journey both as the survivor and the daughter of one.  Tina knows both sides of the story.  She has been the ears that have heard, the eyes that have watched, and the hand holder.  She too has been the body that has been sick, weak, and worn.  Her soul has come forward with unyielding optimism about her own future and that of her fellow survivors.  Through her experiences, those affected by breast cancer will find inspiration that they too can hope for a promising future that will wipe away the pain of the past, replacing it with joy and gratitude.  Sit back and listen in to her inspirational Podcast debut, DJ Breast Cancer.

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My book is here!!!!

It started with a whisper. It‘s hard to explain but it felt like God nudging me. The voice could barely be heard but it told me to take all my poems and put them together in a book. I also knew that all proceeds would go to good.

Days after my cancer diagnosis, it was hard to stay asleep. My mind tossed and turned as much as my body in the twisted and tear stained sheets. I awoke to a story in my head, it was a peddler with a potion. There were promises of seeing the world and all it’s beauty, living and loving to the full extent. Sounds wonderful, but there is always the fine print, the potion was cancer causing. I went downstairs to capture this moment. If God or an Angel were whispering, I may not have listened. In this case, they were standing on my chest. I could not breathe until I put pen to paper.

Weeks later, alone for the first time after my double mastectomy, seeing my body, my scars, unrecognizable, I captured my feelings into a poem. And from there it became part of my being. From feeling sad and unfamiliar, to hope and gratitude, my journal became a net to capture these moments and feelings.

Covid struck as I was living my life, cancer free for over six years. I was living, experiencing, loving, doing, exploring, and moving forward. Suddenly, everything stopped. Frozen, like it had during cancer. And ever so quiet. With a journal at my desk, I would write when the feeling came. Isolation, fear, loss and yet hope.

My book is available at goodmrkt, on my website or

It would be an honor to have you be part of my story. Our voices have stories and meaning. Sometimes we just need that extra nudge. Sometimes we just have to slow down to listen.

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