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Girlfriend's Guide to Breast Cancer

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A Podcast on Tina's Breast Cancer Journey, a "Girlfriend's Guide" to Breast Cancer.

Tina's story must be told.  She has lived the breast cancer journey both as the survivor and the daughter of one.  Tina knows both sides of the story.  She has been the ears that have heard, the eyes that have watched, and the hand holder.  She too has been the body that has been sick, weak, and worn.  Her soul has come forward with unyielding optimism about her own future and that of her fellow survivors.  Through her experiences, those affected by breast cancer will find inspiration that they too can hope for a promising future that will wipe away the pain of the past, replacing it with joy and gratitude.  Sit back and listen in to her inspirational Podcast debut, DJ Breast Cancer.

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Countdown is on!!

The countdown is on for my podcast to go live on iTunes! I am excited to launch my 10 episode podcast DJ Breast Cancer on January 30th which happens to also be my birthday. I never was one for birthdays, I mean I liked being acknowledged but once you get past 25 years old, what is there to celebrate?!

Fast forward to 37 years of age + a cancer diagnosis and the realization that every day is worth celebrating. And birthdays?! Well, birthdays are a badge of honor. Another trip around the sun and full of hope for another year ahead. I don’t just celebrate my birthda, I honor it, I cherish it, I am thankful for the last 365 days.

Unfortunately, I know too many others whose lives were cut short due to cancer or diseases... I know what one day, one week, one year means when you know that life is finite. I am determined to do good with my rem days. I want help others going through cancer. I want to smile wider, laugh harder, and LIVE each day.

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