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Girlfriend's Guide to Breast Cancer

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A Podcast on Tina's Breast Cancer Journey, a "Girlfriend's Guide" to Breast Cancer.

Tina's story must be told.  She has lived the breast cancer journey both as the survivor and the daughter of one.  Tina knows both sides of the story.  She has been the ears that have heard, the eyes that have watched, and the hand holder.  She too has been the body that has been sick, weak, and worn.  Her soul has come forward with unyielding optimism about her own future and that of her fellow survivors.  Through her experiences, those affected by breast cancer will find inspiration that they too can hope for a promising future that will wipe away the pain of the past, replacing it with joy and gratitude.  Sit back and listen in to her inspirational Podcast debut, DJ Breast Cancer.

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Why did I start a Podcast?

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

I started DJ Breast Cancer, a Podcast about my Breast Cancer journey for several reasons. The main reason was that during my breast cancer journey, I was fortunate enough to have had support and knowledge from my mom going through breast cancer on 2 separate occasions. For the majority of others, there is no family history and it is so completely overwhelming. My goal is to help one person along the way on their breast cancer journey. I also wrote 10 episodes with the intent that ANYONE can listen… sort of like a Girlfriend’s Guide to Breast Cancer.

Another reason for my podcast is that one of my breasties, Sandy Clausen, passed away on July 2nd, 2018 from a breast cancer recurrence. It is my way of grieving her and also honoring her memory. She was such a light and beautiful person and I want her memory to live on. Sandy took me to countless appointments and we really hit it off. We chatted about everything from the Cubs to her daughter to life. I still have the last voicemail she left me and sometimes I replay it to hear her voice and feel closer to her. Not long after she passed away, I was running in my neighborhood and I saw a cloud that looked exactly like a cancer awareness ribbon. It was unmistakable and I just felt she was sending me a sign. A few weeks later I saw a cloud that looked like an angel’s wing. I still feel her presence… I still cry when I think of her… I want others to know just how amazing she was!!

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